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By on May 28, 2018

Welcome to this weeks property report.

This week is a bit of a change in focus – Stage 1 of the new Queenstown Lakes District Plan has landed on my desk and there are some significant changes afoot.

If you have property in Wanaka and or looking to purchase property there are certainly new considerations that it are worth making yourself familiar with. Some of these changes may be very advantageous if you were looking to subdivide your land down into smaller parcels, or considering new build height and plane angle allowances, but also if you were buying into an area that is set for high density growth. It’s definitely worth a read.

This week I will start with a brief overview on Lower Density Suburban Residential.

Key out takes are

The Lower Density Suburban Zone is the largest in the District.

  • Houses will be one or two stories in height (7M)
  • Build Coverage 40%
  • New recession Planes: Northern Boundary 2.5M and 55 degrees, Western and Eastern boundaries 2.5M and 45 degrees, Southern Boundary 2.5M and 35 degrees.
  • You can now subdivide down to 450sqm on vacant sites.
  • To help meet the needs of the community this zone also enables increased density by allowing sites down to 300sqm for comprehensively designed developments.

The full link to the Lower Density Suburban Residential Zone can be found hereall other council resources for additional zones can be found here.

Please note this is just my quick overview of the changes – we would always recommend that you seek specialist help if you need further clarification.  If you do want specialist advice in this area, you can either speak to the local council planner here in Wanaka, or you can engage the services of a local Planning firm such as JEA. I interviewed one of their team, Jo Fyfe, last year. Jo is a great resource that a number of my clients have utilised already. If you want to read my interview with Jo, or obtain her contact details, click here.

Please see a link to a series of Maps for the Wanaka region.

Beacon Point Road 

Eely Point and School region

Wanaka Central



I hope that is of interest! Next week I will look at Medium Density Zoning.

Quick reminder – I have a beautiful acre section on Beacon Point Road listed at the moment. This is set for Deadline Wednesday, please check this out if you or friends are looking to secure a prime piece of Wanaka land.

Have a great week,





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