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By on March 17, 2018

Welcome to my weekly property report.

I have spent a really interesting week discussing architects and builders with a handful of clients who are underway with their build plans. Nowadays living remotely and facilitating this work is much more achievable.

One client who is going through this process has earmarked three architects and three builders that he has planned to meet to get a feel for their work and to get a sense of a potential working relationship. I applaud this approach and hopefully my interviews can help others uncover a usable list too.

Next week I will have the first of a series of interviews with local builders, who I have either dealt with or have been impressed with their work. If there is anyone that you would like me to interview please let me know.

I have also being analysing recent sales data on where and who are buying homes in Wanaka. I have a background in advertising and am a firm believer that understanding your target market is critical to a successful marketing campaign. Interesting statistics to emerge from recent data (Homes sold in the last 6 Months between $1M – $1.5M) was that 65% of homes were for sold for the purpose of a holiday home and 75% of homes sold were sold to South Islanders. Only 14% were actual local residents.

I wanted to know the reason, age and geographical location of buyers so I that I can maximise a Vendor’s marketing budget. Only 2-3 years ago we would have expected 40-50% of sales came from Wanaka locals.  These new figures challenge preconceived ideas about the right place to advertise to reaching the active buyer market!

This week 10 Avalanche Place went under contract – the contract is conditional though, so if this was a property that you had been looking at, give me a call to discuss your options. I also sold another section at The Heights – there are still some great sections with views to consider up there.

This week we launched two new properties and a lot to like on both…

First up is a stunner on Kirimoko Crescent, a beautifully designed three bedroom home with views to die for.

Second is for you investors to consider, Lakeside Apartments very rarely come onto the market, you can choose to keep with the current management structure that returns a very good yield, or take the keys and move right in, only a mere 100 meters from town. The 3D video tour is very useful too. Check it out here.

If you have any questions please let me know. We have auctions set for next friday, if any of the following properties are of interest, please get in touch,

25 Lakeview Terrace

14 Paradise Place

48 Rob Roy Lane

22 Mountain View Drive


Have a great weekend

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