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Invisible Doors – Article

By on April 23, 2018

If you are looking to build or renovate,  I highly recommend following the Archipro website, there is some great content posted daily.

With cedar cladding being a very popular exterior choice here in Wanaka, a seamless exterior wall and door has real appeal.

I just spied this article that may interest you…

The latest trend in bespoke garage doors is to conceal them so well that at first glance, and even after staring long and hard at a wall, it is difficult to tell where the wall ends and the door begins.

This is where the latest development from door experts Prestige Doors and Gates has attracted intense popularity. It’s a door that sits, as its name suggests, flush with the exterior cladding. “This can be done to achieve a few effects but it is generally to create an ‘invisible’ door,” Prestige Doors and Gates’ Ben Broide says.

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