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Interview: Alan Rose – Golf Professional at Wanaka Golf Club

By on November 21, 2017

Due to family commitments I have been out of golf for the last five years, but since moving to Wanaka you tend to have more time on your hands, life is less of a rush and the days are definitely longer in summer.

Through the careful tutelage of Alan Rose – local Golf Pro and Wanaka Golf Course, my golf handicap is coming back down to a respectable level too!

Alan and his wife Maree are also relatively new to town, both are loving it and the feedback from the member has been great. A calm demeanour and knowledgable approach has worked wonders for my golf swing!

Wanaka boasts an incredibly picturess golf course with very social competition days, the members could not of been more welcoming since I joined earlier this year. I caught up with Alan for a interview recently to get his thoughts on his life and work here in Wanaka.


Enjoy the read…


How long have you been the teaching professional and running the golf shop here in Wanaka?

I have been the Pro at Wanaka for 16 months and the time has certainly flown by. I am working in partnership with my wife, Maree.



Are there other roles you are involved with for the club?

Yes, I am part of the Course and development committee. This is exciting as we have such a good course and I look forward to being involved in a few tweaks here and there. I also intend further developing the junior programme here. The club already do a great job with the encouragement of Juniors and it would be great to get the actual playing numbers up.


Do you see the Wanaka Golf Course members differ at all from past experience? 

All golf club members in New Zealand are very good. Wanaka is in a great position in that they have a good membership base. The volunteers are plentiful which creates that great community environment. This leads to good chat in the clubhouse.


How would you describe the layout and test the Wanaka Golf course offers? 

It is a good test of golf – you cannot be too aggressive into the greens . The course is shorter than others but still maintains a challenge from the tee and the greens are a good surface to putt on . There are no huge water or bunker hazards which leads to a good walk with awesome views.


What is the most rewarding part of your role with the Wanaka Golf Club? 

There are a few rewarding roles. Coaching is very rewarding . Wanaka golfers practice which makes the improvement cycle move at a higher rate. The people and chat around the clubhouse is very rewarding as well , very easy to make friends.


Apart from work was there an other key ingredients that helped make the move to Wanaka? 

The friends that we already had here and there are a few more prospects in the future.


What were you doing before you returned to Wanaka? 

We owned Sharpies Golf in Dunedin for nearly 25 years.


What do you believe are key considerations people should consider when moving to Wanaka?

It is a great place to live for all ages . Property values are a consideration.


Have there been any learnings that you would share with others who are looking to potentially relocate or start a business here? 

Get local advice as much as you can and join groups whether sports or business.


Best place to get coffee in Wanaka?

They are all good. I have acquired the taste for Urban Grind’s bacon and cheese scones and also the Federal Diner’s pastries.


Central Otago is known for producing some great golf courses, apart from Wanaka what are your favourites? 

My personal favourite is Jacks Point.


What is Wanaka’s best kept secret? 

Always knowing someone wherever you go.


 Best advice for people moving to Wanaka? 

Again, get as much local advice as you can.


 It’s 10am on a Sunday morning – where would we find you and what are you doing? 

That’s my day off!! Just chilling at home.


Favourite time of the year in Wanaka and why?

Winter time. Maree and I are not snow people and we get the opportunity to take Golf Tours to Australia . We just about get 12 months of sun and golf!!


To get in touch with Alan email here 

Wanaka Golf Club





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